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Thank You!

Charcoal drawing of Mingas by Walter Zand (original size 1,200x850mm) based on photo by Naita Ussene.
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I want to thank all of you who make my work possible, and who make it worthwhile.

First, my audience, without whom none of this would make much sense! And - of course - the musicians, singers and dancers, - and the sound engineers, lighting engineers, clothing designers, producers - and so many others who help making the music 'happen' and come alive...

  • Mingas, Carlitos and Chico António (photo by Funcho)
  • Sheila, 2013 (photo by ps)
  • Dodó (photo by Jorge Almeida)
  • Jorge César (photo by ps)
  • Stélio (photo by ps)
  • Jorge Almeida (photo by ps)
  • Stélio (photo by ps)
  • Jorge César (photo by ps)
  • Jorge Almeida (photo by ps)
  • Emelva Dine - 'Memy', 2009 (photo by J. Almeida)
  • Jojo (photo by Jorge Almeida)
  • Xizimba, Sheila and Naldo, March 31, 2007  (Belmiro Adamogy)
  • Sheila, 2007 (Belmiro Adamogy)
  • Mingas and Carlitos, 2007 (Photo by Funcho)
Mingas, Carlitos and Chico Antonio (photo by Funcho)1 Sheila, 2013 (photo by ps)2 Dodó (photo by Jorge Almeida)3 Jorge César (photo by ps)4 Stélio (photo by ps)5 Jorge Almeida (photo by ps)6 Stélio (photo by ps)7 Jorge César (photo by ps)8 Jorge Almeida (photo by ps)9 Emelva Dine - 'Memy', 2009 (photo by J. Almeida)10 Jojo (photo by Jorge Almeida)11 Xizimba, Sheila and Naldo, March 31, 2007  (Belmiro Adamogy)12 Sheila, 2007 (Belmiro Adamogy)13 Mingas and Carlitos, 2007 (Photo by Funcho)14

I am very fortunate in having the opportunity to work with some of the best among the excellent musicians and singers that we have in our country, Mozambique:

The Musicians:
Carlos Gove ('Carlitos') on bass guitar,  Antonio Milisse ('Dodo') on guitar, Jorge Moisés Salomão ('Jojo') on keyboard,  Jorge César Nhacocane on percussion.  José Nhacocane ('Zito') alternates with Stélio Zoé on drums,  while Simão Nhacule, Rolando Lamussene and Lindo sometimes join in on percussion.

The Singers:
Sheila Jesuíta Maxlhungo,  Florinda Cambule ('Filó'),  Arnaldo Luís ('Naldo'), - and often Linda Jamisse ('Xizimba') and Sisaquel Natchombe ('Siza')

Our Sound Engineers:  Filip Mondlane ('Filipinho') and 'Sacre'

I also want to thank Naita Ussene, Funcho, Jorge Almeida, Sol de Carvalho - and other photographers - as well as several journalists who cover our performances.
And Yolanda Thomas, who has designed and made some fabulous stage outfits for me!

Américo Xavier and Amâncio Miguel have been very supportive and have - among other things - written the introductory pieces in my CD 'Vuka Africa' and my DVD 'Mingas ao Vivo'.

Many more deserve to be mentioned, of course...